Roy Hackett

Listen to Roy Hackett tell his story in 2015

meMaps goes to Glenfrome School in Bristol 2015. Special guest, 86 year old Roy Hackett tells his story which takes him from Jamaica to Bristol. In 1963, Roy was one of the key ‘West Indian’ activists, fighting for justice and equality in the city.

This interview goes through his young life in Jamaica, before running away. The enquiring young questioners at Glenfrome school dig deeper to hear the emphatic and charming Roy Hackett, share memories about family, Jamaica, youth, work, Bristol, Britain, citizenship, activism, race and the Bristol bus boycott.

Roy also talks about the reasons for forming the Caribbean Coordinated Committee (CCC), its deployment in the bus boycott and the choice of Paul Stephenson as the spokesperson on this issue. In a post-script, he also explains why his job as a foreman at St Ann’s board mill meant he had to keep a low profile during the boycott. Fellow founder of the CCC, Owen Henry’s granddaughter is among the Glenfrome students, ‘Well, Well, Well….’

Roy was also a founder of St Paul’s Festival. The forerunner to ‘St Paul’s Carnival’. Roy recounts the formation of the event and the activities involved, since 1968.

Produced by: Vandna Mehta, Remi Tawose, Michael Noyce and Rob Mitchell
With thanks to: Roy Hackett, Ms Inger O’Callaghan, staff and pupils at Glenfrome School, Bristol. 2015

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Roy Hackett’s experience of the Bus Boycott.

Listen below to Roy’s interview, and for more detail click here for a downloadable transcript.

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